Sometimes video games are played as a way of spending time alone. Though, that’s not always the case, as sometimes games are better as a played with your better half. Some of my favorite moments in gaming are taking them in with my lover by my side and enjoying it together.

Thankfully, the PlayStation has been filled with a bunch of great games that are specifically made to be enjoyed by couples.

This article list out games range from cooperative games that require two controllers to solo games that are enhanced by having another person in the room with you

15 Outstanding Video Games for Lover

Here are 15 Great PS4 Games for Couples.

  1. Fable: The Journey

If your girlfriend is one of the types that don’t like the whole swords and shooting games then fable games might just be the perfect game she’ll love and two of you can enjoy the games, casting spells having so much fun.

She only needs you to show her the tricks few times before she’ll be shooting fireballs and lightning bolts even better than you.  The game has a Kinect camera and thus she doesn’t need to concern herself much with what the functions of the button.

  1. Wii Sports

These sports game from Nintendo is overly-cute, with big-headed characters knocking balls around, surely this will soften your girl up enough to get fierce. You just have to give up on pulling off major plays and tricks as this might make the games looks hard for her and she won’t be interested.  Just swing the racket and try to lose to encourage her.

  1. Guild Wars

This also one of the best video games for the couple out there, you and your girlfriend can Band together like Bonnie and Clyde and take on the evils who want to take over the world.  The game is published by NCsoft

  1. Temple Run

The game is published by Imangi Studios and it could be a perfect game for lovers.  Set a high score and promise her a gift if she can beat the score. You will be amazed the way the game will get over her like a real life mission.

  1. Pac Man

This game is quite simple and easy to learn. A lot of ladies love this game and you can rest assured that your girl will be willing to bring your ego down a few notches in this game.

  1. Nintendogs

If your girlfriend loves pets then try Nintendogs and see how she will fall love with the game. The hit game was a godsend for pet lovers. Let it be a fun turn-based love fest for you and your other half without the cost of canine health insurance.

  1. Plants Vs. Zombies

This is an anti-zombie game and lot of ladies out there love this game and yours is not exempted. Get this game and watch as she develops a defensive strategy that would enable her to eliminate the zombies and protect the world.

  1. Angry Birds

The smash hit appeals to everyone, not just ladies, and unless your girlfriend is an animal lover-extremist offended by black-belt birds knocking over oblong green pigs, this is the game to ease her.

  1. Cooking Mama

The best way to tell your girl to go whip you up some grub without getting slapped is to challenge her to a game of Cooking Mama. Amazingly, a fictional woman can demand the most complicated dishes out of your girlfriend but the crib can turn into WrestleMania if you ask her to make you a sandwich.

  1. Draw Something

Draw something is a Puzzle game and it a sure bet your girlfriend will love it. She considers herself an artist of any kind and asked you to guess what she drew.

  1. Words With Friends

Zynga’s spin on Scrabble can really make communication with your lover fun. It is easy to play for anybody who understands word formulation.

  1. SoundShapes

This game is a combination of music and puzzles, SoundShapes is a fun game and it is very easy to learn. In no time, your girlfriend will be challenging you to conquer the complicated levels she built.

  1. Wii Yoga

If you or your girlfriend is a yoga fan then Wii Yoga can be a lot of fun to play together. It has a lot of funny and sexy stretching exercise.

  1. Rock Band

If your girlfriend is a non-gamer type she will surely find interest in Rhythm, the game is produced by Harmonix Music Systems. It comes with a Rock Band’s competitive element and addictive performance experience. The game is attractive to any gender.

  1. Venus Rising

Though the game isn’t published out there yet, this game has promised to offer lovers the option to get sexually attracted to each when it’s released.